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Professional Learning with MISIC is designed to meet the needs of today’s educators in an ever-changing, demanding school environment. As a leader in implementation of the Iowa Core and extended core national standards, MISIC provides vetted curricular and instructional strategies and resources for teachers and administrators.

MISIC License Renewal Credit (LRC) courses are designed to

  • maximize expertise from professionals in the field
  • balance time for collaborative learning, practice, and full implementation
  • provide options for personalized learning

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MISIC has partnered with SkillsForce to bring districts an exciting new platform that houses personalized, job-embedded learning to meet teachers needs in our rapidly changing education systems. SkillsForce can be used to track professional development experiences and to access and monitor progress on a vast number of micro-credentials. Teachers can create personalized professional learning profiles on the SkillsForce platform, documenting their professional learning experiences and successes. All 72 of MISIC’s micro-credentials on many topics will be available through this platform, as well as many more micro-credentials currently being developed by a host of educational experts from across the country. This robust platform is available to MISIC members at NO COST, and the platform is available to non-member districts on a subscription basis throughout the country. 

This 10-minute video provides a demonstration of the SkillsForce platform. Check it out now for a first-hand view of this exciting new professional development tool!

Email Jamie ( with any questions.

  • Book Studies
    • MISIC has developed model book studies for Fostering Resilient Learners, Culturize and other books. Please contact us for more information.

Use MISIC’s BOEE approved stream-lined template to create licensure renewal credit learning opportunities for your faculty:

  • Book Studies
    • MISIC has developed model book studies for Fostering Resilient Learners, Culturize and other books. Please contact us for more information.
  • Remote Learning
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • PLC Implementation
  • Standards Based Grading
  • Visible Learning Series
  • Iowa’s Instructional Framework
  • MTSS: Small Group Instruction

MISIC support, course template, and course samples are readily available.

Use MISIC’s micro-credentials to meet a variety of learning needs:

  • Individualized PD Plan
  • Team or PLC Study
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Personal Professional Growth
  • Assistance Plans

Choose from over 70 micro-credentials and watch for additional MC’s as they are developed. Contact us with specific topics to meet your needs. Micro-credentials can be bundled together for licensure renewal credit.

Micro-Credentialing Podcast


Changing Professional Learning Systems with Micro-Credentials Podcast


“We had a group of teachers that needed to understand and be able to use the new Social Studies standards in order to create units of study. The micro credentials were perfect for collaborating to unpack grade level standards, use those standards to create units, and find resources that supported those units.”

~Sammie Bruce, Instructional Coach

“Learning through using the Micro-Credential Visible Learning in Science was very valuable not only for the choice of content I was able to acquire, but also the implementation of the learning along the way. The modules were very structured and kept me accountable for the learning as well as the reflection questions asked me to implement what I had learned. The fact that it was part of my ICDP and was also offered for LRC were side bonuses as I had evidence to show my principal of my learning toward my ICDP goals as well as I could earn credit for what I was already doing.”

~Abbie Julin, 4th Grade Teacher/Instructional Coach 

Micro-Credential Bundles (Courses) Available for License Renewal Credit
Individual micro-credentials have been bundled into fifteen-hour courses that are eligible for licensure renewal credit granted by MISIC, an approved licensure renewal provider with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. MISIC currently has 21 courses of bundled micro-credentials available for licensure renewal credit.

  • Complete them on your own time at your own pace, individually or with a team
  • Practice, apply, and implement skills within your professional practice
  • Provide proof of your knowledge and skill through submission of evidence

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Contact Jamie if you have any questions. The cost is $80/credit.

Micro-Credential Bundles Currently Available for Credit

*Available for MISIC members only

Using MISIC Resources & Micro-Credentials within the Professional Development System

AGWSR Principal – Jason Gabel

Using MISIC Resources & Micro-Credentials within the Professional Development System

Coon Rapids-Bayard Teacher – Jordan Kenkel

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