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  • Using Your District ISASP Data

    Register now and join us on Tuesday, October 26 for this interactive workshop to examine your 2021 ISASP data. The workshop will be presented by Catherine Welch & Stephen Dunbar from Iowa Testing Programs.

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News and Updates

Using ESSER III for MISIC Membership and Resources

Margaret Buckton discusses allowable ESSER uses with MISIC Members. In a Zoom meeting on May 12, MISIC partnered with Margaret Buckton from ISFIS to share some great information about the allowable uses of ESSER III monies and how those monies


MISIC Quarterly Meeting – Recordings Posted

It was great to see many of you on the MISIC Quarterly Meeting on Friday! If you missed the meeting or want to share any of the information with others in your district, you can now view the complete meeting or


Using Your District ISASP Data

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 9:00am-3:00pm – Ames, IA Register now and join us for this interactive workshop to examine your 2021 ISASP data and learn about more ways to use the data reports to guide instruction and set realistic goals


MISIC Quarterly Meetings

Reset & Reinvent 2021-22 – Via Zoom Join MISIC as we strive to help you Reset & Reinvent this year in our four quarterly meetings. Each meeting will be broadcast via Zoom across the state. The first meeting will be held


MISIC is committed to helping schools develop and deliver education that is based on equity for all students, families, and staff. MISIC works to prepare and support school staff through the development of materials and resources that are free from bias and that promote teaching and learning to meet the needs of all students, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, and sexual orientation. We believe that all students and staff deserve to learn in an environment that values the identity and respects the needs of each individual student and staff member. MISIC is committed to a vision of education that is compassionate and supportive and that helps build a future of hope for all.

MISIC: Members Impacting Students; Improving Curriculum

We exist to support district leaders and teachers in building their confidence and capacity to design and deliver on a curriculum that prepares students for their futures.

In addition to teaching and learning materials, the consortium offers its members schools several different workshops on using data to create changes in classroom instruction. Consortium members are involved in helping build better testing system and instructional practices in statewide as well as national efforts. Members work closely with AEA personnel to impact instructional practice and to help teachers make informed instructional decisions.

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