***IMPORTANT CORRECTION: During the presentation about ISASP, a question came up about allowing students to use the writing rubrics during the test. Please see the clarification below.

We also had a question during the meeting about what posters and display materials can be up in a classroom during the test. The second response is the current guidance about that topic.

  1. Students may review the rubrics at any time prior to live testing. During live testing, the prompt will present a task and will include the evaluation criteria that will be used to score the response.   However, rubrics may not be used by students during live testing. 
  2. The test security guidance is that any material that is an aid for that test should be removed or covered. If the material is not an aid for that test, then it does not have to be removed or covered.

If you missed the MISIC Quarterly Meeting yesterday or want to share any of the information with others in your district, you can now view the complete meeting or the individual topics that were presented.

All of the recordings, PPTs and handouts are posted on the Meetings/Webinars by Zoom page of the website. Feel free to share these with others in your district.

  • Preparing for Spring ISASP Testing – Catherine Welch & Stephen Dunbar, Iowa Testing Programs
  • Focus on Curriculum Implementation – Member Sharing – Jackie Fonley, West Harrison & Natasha Cooper, I-35
  • Legislative Update – Margaret Buckton, RSAI/ISFIS

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~The MISIC Team

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MISIC Quarterly Meeting – Recordings Posted

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