The first MISIC Workshop for Fall 2022 is coming up soon on Tuesday, September 27. Register now and join us as we Focus on Planning: Implementing the Standards.

This workshop will focus on the following topics:

Seeing the Big Picture – With so many initiatives and demands on schools, how do we ensure that all students are receiving a viable and guaranteed curriculum? How do we manage all of the moving parts of the educational process? This workshop will provide tools for examining how the district can connect initiatives and move to an aligned and rigorous education for all students.

Curriculum Adoption Processes – In addition, focus on the steps of an intentional curriculum review and adoption process: review current materials, tap into resources that identify quality materials, develop a rubric to guide decision-making, and examine the pros and cons of piloting materials. 

You will leave this workshop with knowledge, tools, and resources to:

  • Implement a rigorous, viable and guaranteed curriculum for all students
  • Connect initiatives in professional development and in classrooms
  • Track standards implementation: “We know what the standards are, but how do we make sure that students are achieving them?”
  • Implement and monitor major shifts in instruction needed to meet the standards
  • Recognize aligned and unaligned curriculum
  • Apply understandings to develop strong Tier 1 instruction
  • Implement a curriculum review and materials adoption process

Check out the other workshops in this series. You can register for one, two or all three days.

MISIC Workshops – Focus on Planning: Implementing the Standards

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