Check out the new book, Building Educator Capacity through Microcredentials, hot off the presses from ASCD! MISIC was one of the primary resources for the authors of this new book and is recognized in the book. A presentation by MISIC Director, Sue Beers, was the beginning of the authors’ deep dive into microcredentials. In fact, MISIC team members TRAINED the authors in developing microcredentials and the components of effective microcredentials outlined in the book contain all of the same components as MISIC microcredentials.

As a leading international professional organization, ASCD recognizes and promotes the value of microcredentials as a valuable tool for increasing educator skills and for implementing productive professional development that results in real change in the classroom. 

MISIC members have free access to over 80 microcredentials on a wide variety of topics, as well as an online professional development platform for accessing, uploading and evaluating microcredential work and all other types of PD. Watch an overview of this PD platform or an overview of microcredentials from MISIC!

MISIC Recognized in New ASCD Book About Microcredentials

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