Professional learning of high quality, geared to practical application of skills to enhance teaching and facilitate instruction, is as vital as ever. MISIC is a leader in the field of micro-credentials, an innovative component of strategic professional development systems. 

Micro-credentials are known for the characteristics of job-embedded, skills-based, just-in-time, relevant to professional practice for individuals and small learning teams. See MISIC’s website to learn more about the power and variety of micro-credentials.

As MISIC continues to grow its offerings of micro-credentials, we welcome your involvement by learning how to write micro-credentials for your staff and for our catalog of offerings.

With that in mind, the MISIC team has designed a flexible workshop for June 2021. Below is the flyer that contains all the course information, as well as a link to register by June 1.

Writing Micro-Credentials Workshop – June 2021

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