Margaret Buckton discusses allowable ESSER uses with MISIC Members.

In a Zoom meeting on May 12, MISIC partnered with Margaret Buckton from ISFIS to share some great information about the allowable uses of ESSER III monies and how those monies can be justified and documented for reimbursement. We have been working with Margaret to create a document that provides direct links to allowable use guidance and that suggests language and documentation that will help the district make a case for how the monies are used. The document currently provides suggestions for using MISIC resources and rationale for how you can use ESSER III monies to fund your MISIC membership and its access to all of MISIC’s resources.  To view the Zoom with Margaret see above or visit MISIC’s website.

The ESSER III rationale document will be continually updated to include new ideas for allowable uses of the monies, including those that are not directly related to MISIC. Check back with the link frequently. Our goal is to provide districts with clear and concise rationale and ideas for documentation that will make requests for reimbursement a smoother process.

Let us know how MISIC can continue to help impact student learning!

Sue Z. Beers

Director, MISIC

Using ESSER III for MISIC Membership and Resources

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