Join us on Monday, September 14 at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny (or online if we are unable to gather as a large group), to strengthen your skills in supporting the social-emotional learning needs of students and in helping yourself and your staff engage in self-care strategies. 

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Featuring a Lunch Keynote from Joan Becker

Author of Sentenced to Life – The Mark Becker Story – Mental Illness, Tragedy, and Transformation

“In June 2009, Joan Becker’s son shot one of their community’s most beloved figures, but the tragedy really began years before — with a mental health system that failed her family.”*

Hear how Joan’s personal experience served as the catalyst for her becoming an advocate for individuals with mental illness.

*Hinga Klein, A. (2016, March 28). My Son Killed the Town Hero. Retrieved from

Licensure Renewal Credit is available for attending this conference with additional collaborative learning and planning. Contact MISIC for more information.


MISIC Members: $100/person. Register 4 people and the 5th person is free!***

Non-MISIC Members: $195/person***

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***Cancellation Policy: If received at least one week before the event, 100% of the registration will be refunded. No refund will be made if cancellation is received within one week of the workshop or conference.

Social-Emotional Learning Conference – Monday, September 14

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