With MISIC’s mission to improve curriculum to impact student learning, the C3 (College, Career, and Citizenship Ready) Cadre training is just what your district needs to move all you’ve been learning about Iowa’s curriculum standards and instructional expectations into the classroom. C3 Cadre supports teachers in developing well-defined integrated units of study that engage students in developing the critical skills of college and career readiness.  Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule training for summer 2018 and/or the 2018-19 school year.

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C3 Cadre Training provides a collaborative learning environment in curriculum development,

integrated literacy and content instruction, engaging and supportive learning strategies, and aligned and meaningful assessments.


A message from Ann Bartelt, C3 facilitator:

MISIC is deeply committed to high quality instruction based upon well-defined curriculum within a collaborative learning culture. We pull that all together through the C3 Cadre.  C3 means college, career, and citizenship ready. We’ve been offering the C3 Cadre for quite some time now, and it is as meaningful as ever. You are very involved with Iowa Core literacy and math, and now implementation of the Next Generation science standards and the newly adopted Social Studies standards, along with the fine arts, PE, and CTE standards. MISIC can help you develop what the teaching of these standards and the instructional shifts or innovations look like in your classrooms.


We acknowledge the struggle many of us have with finding appropriate materials to implement the rigorous standards and instructional expectations of the Iowa curriculums. The C3 Cadre addresses this concern and supports the development of units of instruction that meet the learning needs of our students. In a previous C3 Cadre, I had an elementary teacher take the science planning template she had from her NGSS training and embed that into our unit planner to create a more fully developed unit that includes the literacy dimensions and addresses the instructional shifts.


Because unit planning is so comprehensive, this 8-day training provides time and support to develop a unit you can actually teach in the classroom. The units developed through the planner are first focused on the standards and learning targets in any content.  The emphasis on academic text is rightly placed as we know understanding disciplinary content is critical to learning. As we walk through the steps of unit planning, we provide models of effective units; we practice student engagement strategies you can use with students. We experience multiple ways of writing to learn and multiple methods for learning academic vocabulary. Finally, we address meaningful assessments, both formative and summative, and provide support if your district is considering or is using standards-based or standards-referenced grading.  Furthermore, you have opportunity to put to use the MISIC resources for content and for instruction.


MISIC’s C3 Cadre also supports your teacher-leadership programs. We know you are heavily invested in PLCs or collaborative learning teams. We know many of your instructional coaches have received training in various coaching models: Jim Knight, Diane Sweeney, the New Teacher Center, Elena Aguilar, to name a few. We believe these models are important for your TLC programs. AND, we believe that a focus on curricular and instructional decisions within the coaching conversations is critical to impacting students.


As you think about how you are addressing the Iowa Core and building teacher knowledge and skills in planning and implementing lessons that address college, career, and citizenship readiness, you might consider how you can pair your TLC program with the C3 Cadre. Some schools send their content lead teachers to this training to build their knowledge in curriculum planning; some schools pair an instructional coach with a model classroom teacher to receive the training and implement a classroom laboratory model from which other teacher teams can learn. Other schools send their building leadership team to receive the training, implement the units in their classrooms, and then impact their grade level team or PLC with what they’ve learned.


Along with helping you think about various ways you can use the C3 Cadre to build teacher capacity, we will also help you determine the best way to receive the training. Some schools have scheduled 4 days in the summer and one day each month September through December. Others have spaced out the 8 days September through February or March. Some schools are considering the training for the majority of their faculty and are planning it during their regularly scheduled professional development.  A brand-new possibility that we are exploring is implementing a blended learning environment by coupling face-to-face training with selected micro-credentials.


With the retirement of Dave Christensen and Nancy Lockett, we have 3 trainers who are ready to serve your learning needs: Amy Walter, Becky Hacker-Kluver, and myself, Ann Bartelt. Feel free to contact any of us or Jamie Morgan with any questions or to schedule your C3 Cadre.  We’d like to have scheduling for this summer and next year in place as soon as possible, and hearing from you no later than April 1 would help us help you, as well as coordinate with other districts, as appropriate.

Best wishes as you finish this school year.  MISIC is here for you!

It’s Time to Schedule your C3 Cadre

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