MISIC exists to inspire the passion of school leaders and teachers in member districts to design and deliver on a curriculum that prepares students for their futures.

We impact member districts by…

  • Understanding the need for students to be college-career-citizenship ready, which guides our work of:
    • Improving the rigor of content
    • Rethinking the way that content is taught, supported, and assessed
  • Sharing resources and initiatives that have been carefully vetted through a deep understanding of the work and well-articulated criteria for quality implementation
  • Making the complex simple and user-friendly without compromising the necessary depth of understanding

We support member districts by…

1. Providing opportunities that build districts’ internal capacity to focus on the most promising practices in the

  • Design and management of curriculum
  • Delivery of instruction
  • Monitoring of student learning

Beyond the theoretical to

  • Defining quality learning
  • Identifying the concrete changes/actions needed
  • Equipping teachers and administrators to be knowledgeable consumers of strategies and tools


  • Ready4U2Learn database
  • Core Resource Database of vetted tools & resources for implementing the Core
  • Leading the Core in ELA-Part 1 & 2
  • Leading the Core in Mathematics
  • Literacy across the Content Areas
  • Alignment of Content, Instruction, and Assessment using Unit Planner and the EQuIP Criteria
  • Assessment Data to Make Purposeful Instructional Decisions
  • Becoming a Competency Based System
  • C3 Cadre: Coaching the Design of Quality Units of Study
  • Geography Alliance of Iowa/MISIC partnership
  • Inquiry, Literacy, and Strong Content in the 6-12 SS Classroom

2. Providing networking opportunities which build trusted relationships and opportunities for collaboration


  • Regional/annual meetings
  • On-site support
  • Webinars and off-site support
  • Digital communications
  • Partnerships with other agencies and organizations

3. Providing vetted resources identified as having the greatest potential for sustained and high quality implementation


  • RUC3 Ready materials
  • Core Resource Database
  • Webinars presented by MISIC
  • Member website

4. Developing and enhancing tools to clarify, expedite, and sustain improvement efforts


  • Unit planner to provide support for the development of quality units, linked to resources
  • Software for planning units of instruction; Curriculum Manager
  • Supporting the use of Standards Insight
  • Creating links to the Odell framework for implementation
  • Creating supporting materials for using the EQuIP Rubric

5. Cultivating partnerships that provide discounts to make the best use of members’ financial resources

Questions and/or comments:

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This document was created using input gathered from MISIC member districts at the 2015 Spring Regional Meetings and from the MISIC Board at their June 9, 2015 meeting.

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