Check out five great ways to use MISIC tools for quality professional development.

  1. District-Developed Professional Development – If your district is creating its own PD program, MISIC can provide Licensure Renewal Credit (LRC) for teachers and administrators. The MISIC team can help you plan and draft a plan for LRC. Check out this list of example courses that have been used in MISIC districts.
  2. Micro-Credentials: Individualized Learning – Micro-Credentials are personalized, self directed, performance-based learning experiences that focus on specific skills teachers want to learn or to hone. Teachers can work individually, in small groups, in PLC’s or as a whole staff to learn through vetted, quality resources as they complete a performance task that demonstrates mastery of the skill. MISIC has developed over 80 MC’s or can help create MC’s that address a special district need.
  3. Book Studies for Small and/or Large Groups – Small groups, whole staffs, or departments can read, discuss, and learn from over 25 acclaimed books on education. MISIC has designed a book study format that offers a blended approach of individual reading and reflection, partner conversations, and face to face or Zoom sessions. This book study process opens opportunities for teachers, support staff and administrators to collaborate around topics of high-interest and high-impact.
  4. Create Units that Align Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment – Use MISIC’s one-page unit planning template to plan and delineate clear plans for delivering instruction and assessing learning. MISIC team members can help the district get ready for this work.
  5. Dig Into the Hundreds of MISIC’s Vetted Resources – The MISIC Team searches for and evaluates hundreds of resources on a wide variety of topics. These high-quality resources are reviewed to ensure that they represent the very best educational research and knowledge. Check out the MISIC website, one of our LiveBinders, or a recent set of vetted resources, such as the newest on ChapGPT

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Professional Development with MISIC Tools

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