ELA Bookmarks & Math Resource Guides

Many of you are familiar with MISIC’s ELA Bookmarks and Math Resource Guides. These are documents that provide excellent details and resources for the literacy and math standards. There are documents available for each grade level. As a MISIC Member, you can view and access all of them on the By Subject page of the MISIC Website (click on Literacy and/or Math tabs).

Many people have found that it is beneficial to have print copies available for teachers as they are digging into student data and looking at the standards.

We work with Prairie Lakes AEA to get these printed for members at a reasonable cost. We are placing an order soon for more copies. Please fill out the form below ASAP if you would like to request copies of the ELA Bookmarks or Math Resource Guides for your staff.

MISIC ELA Bookmarks 1/2 page – $3/each

MISIC ELA Bookmarks Full Page – $6/each

MISIC Math Resource Guides – $6/each

Click Here to Order.

Please contact us with any questions at 515-460-0362 or jamie@misiciowa.org.

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