MISIC Regional Meeting

September 14, 2018


Central Rivers AEA and via Zoom

New Delivery for Regional Meetings

This year MISIC will be doing four regional meetings spread across the year.  Each meeting will be held in a different location and will be broadcast via Zoom across the state. The first meeting will be held at Central Rivers AEA in Cedar Falls on September 14 from 9-12.  (Subsequent meetings at various times during the year will be held in Winterset, Fort Dodge and Fort Madison.)


Get License Renewal Credit for Attending MISIC Meetings

Those who attend all of the regional meetings – in person or via digital participation – can apply to earn Licensure Renewal Credit from MISIC.  MISIC was designated as an approved LRC provider by the BOEE this spring.  To earn a LRC, members must attend at least one MISIC regional meeting in person and can attend the other three digitally.  A short summary reflection is required to complete the LRC process. Those wishing to apply for an LRC should enroll before or during the first session. Members can also earn an LRC by attending two of the regional meetings plus one day of any of MISIC’s full-day workshops or conferences. Each licensure renewal credit carries an $80 fee plus the cost of the workshop(s) and/or conference. More details will be shared at the September 14 meeting.


Highlights of September 14 Regional/Statewide Meeting

The September 14 meeting will feature a presentation by Kay Schmalen from Central Rivers AEA, who will be providing tips and information for leading student-centered coaching.  In addition, we will explore ways to use MISIC’s new micro-credentials as part of a comprehensive PD plan. A review and preview of the Social Studies workshops will also be included – highlighting the learning from past workshops as well as sharing key ideas and work for this year’s series.

Join us in person or online on September 14 from 9:00 – noon!

Please email Jamie if you plan to attend in person in Cedar Falls.


Future Meetings

November 13 – Winterset CSD Admin Offices, Winterset

January 22 – Prairie Lakes AEA, Ft Dodge

April 2 – Ft Madison CSD, Ft Madison

MISIC Regional Meeting – September 14, 2018

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