NEW NGSS Document Released – Accelerated Pathways

During the MISIC fall regional meetings it was mentioned that a new Next Generation Science Standards resource would soon be available that targeted how to accelerate instruction for our top students. That document was just released.
The Accelerated Model Course Pathways document offers guidance to schools and districts seeking to organize NGSS performance expectations into a compressed time frame. The Accelerated Model Course Pathways are designed for high-achieving students who want or need to pursue advanced level science courses earlier in high school, and at a more rapid pace. 
Key components of the resource are three Accelerated NGSS Model Course Maps, which outline examples for how schools and districts might reorganize NGSS performance expectations into fewer courses – without omitting any. The resource also includes considerations about the conceptual similarities between the NGSS and Advanced Placement (AP) science courses. The conceptual similarities between the NGSS and AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics 1 & 2 are organized in individual comparison charts as the appendices to the document. Each AP comparison chart is also accompanied by a quick reference excel grid that illustrates the connections between the AP course and the NGSS. 
NEW NGSS Document Released – Accelerated Pathways

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