Leading the Iowa Standards – Workshop Series 2016-17

MISIC is pleased to offer the Leading the Iowa Standards Workshop Series again in 2016-2017. Registration is now open! We have added two new workshops, one for coaches and one about the new state assessment, SBAC. All of the workshops have been updated to reflect the current resources that are available to help support the Iowa Standards. Please check out the descriptions below and use the registration link at the bottom of this message to register for any of the workshops.

Please note the dates for all the workshops below:
October 24 – Level I – Math
October 25 – Level I – Literacy
October 26 – NEW!!! – Coaching  to the Standards
November 15 – NEW!!! – Preparing for the New State Assessment: SBAC
November 16 – Level II – Reviewing Progress in Implementation
Date TBD – Level III – Monitoring Implementation Efforts
All workshops will be held from 8:30 – 3:00 p.m.
MISIC Members: $50/person
Non-MISIC Members: $175/person
***Note: Non-Member registration costs of $125 will be credited to districts that join MISIC within the fiscal year 2016-2017.

Level I:  Understanding the Standards and Instructional Shifts and Putting Them Into Practice

In these one-day workshops, participants will focus on the instructional shifts that are foundational to implementing the Iowa Standards and to the new state assessment. A variety of tools and resources will be shared that:
  • Lead to a common understanding of the standards
  • Operationalize the instructional shifts necessary for student mastery of the standards
  • Demonstrate how key elements of instruction align in planning for and teaching the standards.

Location: Courtyard Hotel – Ankeny

Math: October 24, 2016 – Click for more info.

Literacy:  October 25, 2016 – Click for more info.


NEW!!!!  Coaching to the Standards:  Helping Others Put the Iowa Standards into Action

TLC Coaches have many opportunities to sharpen their coaching skills. This workshop focuses on the “what” of coaching – the techniques, tools and strategies that the coaches can use to help others most effectively implement the standards. Coaches can build on whatever coaching model they have adopted in the district. In this one-day workshop, Instructional Coaches will deepen and sharpen their understanding of the standards through activities that help them:

  • Recognize instructional practices that align with the instructional shifts
  • Practice academic conversations that might be initiated in coaching situations
  • Develop strategies for sharing new instructional tools and resources
  • Explore tools and resources that are available from MISIC and national organizations
  • Establish clear criteria to use in evaluating and selecting instructional tools and resources for implementing the standards.

It is recommended that coaches attend the Level I workshops before they attend the coaching workshop.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn – Johnston

Coaching: October 26, 2016 – Click for more info.


NEW!!!!  Preparing for the New State Assessment:  SBAC

”For purposes of Iowa Code section 256.7, at least one of the districtwide assessments used to measure student progress in core academic indicators in reading and math shall be the assessment developed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).”  (Iowa State Board of Education, Executive Summary, November 18, 2015). With that vote, Senate File 2323 and the Governors’ approval, SBAC becomes the new state test on July 1, 2017. Take action now to shift classroom practice to prepare for students for this new assessment. In this workshop, districts will explore multiple documents and strategies related to implementation of the SBAC:

  • Understand the structure of the test and how data will be generated
  • Create accurate targets for instruction that are aligned to the SBAC
  • Understand question item types on the SBAC and how to provide practice for students on new question types
  • Align classroom practice with appropriate DOK (Depth of Knowledge) levels.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn – Johnston

 SBAC – November 15, 2016 – Click here for more info.


Level II:  Reviewing Progress in Implementing the Standards and Shifts 

This one-day workshop uses a comprehensive needs assessment rubric to help building / district teams determine their progress in implementing the standards and begin to develop action plans for moving forward. Using a systemic approach, the rubric helps teams review their efforts in four areas:

  • Creating a common understanding of the standards and instructional shifts
  • Aligning standards, instruction and assessment as well as professional development efforts in those areas
  • Determining the role each part of the system plays in the implementation of the standards and the instructional shifts
  • Examining how current policies and practices are designed to support implementation.

It is highly recommended that teams attend, as structured planning and work time will be included.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn – Johnston

Level II: November 16, 2016 – Click for more info.


Level III:  Monitoring Implementation Efforts

Tools for monitoring implementation efforts will be shared and participants will practice applying them to classroom videos.  Through this practice, participants will become more skilled in how to recognize, cite and encourage the use of instructional strategies that have the greatest chances of creating student success with the standards.  Tools used in this workshop include the Green Flags / Red Flags Criteria, the Instructional Practice Guides from Achieve, and the EQuIP Rubric.  Participants will work in teams to determine:

  • How teachers align practice with the instructional shifts
  • The types of academic conversations that might be initiated from the use of the tools
  • How the tools can be used in current professional development efforts

Level III: Date & Location TBD

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Leading the Iowa Standards – Workshop Series 2016-17

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