• It’s Time to Schedule your C3 Cadre

    The C3 Cadre training is just what your district needs to move all you’ve been learning about Iowa’s curriculum standards and instructional expectations into the classroom.

News and Updates

MISIC Annual Meeting – August 8, 2018

Mark your Calendars for August 8th! The MISIC Annual Meeting will be on August 8th during the lunch break of the SAI Conference in Des Moines. We will be meeting on the 1st Floor of HyVee Hall. Lunch will be


C3 Cadre – Begins August 20th – Panora, IA

MISIC’s C3 Cadre Project is an intensive, and sustained professional development experience; designed to provide participants with deep knowledge and experience in designing units of study that implement the Iowa Standards with high levels of quality and rigor. Participants will


MISIC Fine Arts Workshops – April 2018

Join us for a MISIC Fine Arts Workshop!   Workshop: The Big Picture of the National Core Arts Standards Where does one begin to design instruction and assessment to aid students in achievement of music and visual art performance-based standards?  


MISIC: Impacting Students; Improving Curriculum

We exist to support district leaders and teachers in building their confidence and capacity to design and deliver on a curriculum that prepares students for their futures.

In addition to teaching and learning materials, the consortium offers its members schools several different workshops on using data to create changes in classroom instruction. Consortium members are involved in helping build better testing system and instructional practices in statewide as well as national efforts. Members work closely with AEA personnel to impact instructional practice and to help teachers make informed instructional decisions.