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Resource Database – Updated June 25, 2018

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The list of resources below is from the Leading the Iowa Standards Workshops that have been offered since 2013 and additional resources that the MISIC Team continues to find. Click the title above to view a database of all the resources with descriptions of each one and filters to help you find the resources you are looking for. The list below is alphabetized, you may click on a letter to view the resources.

***Note: These resources are intended to support work with the Iowa Standards (ICC). Many of the resources are from other states that use the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The ICC and CCSS are the same except for the few additional standards that Iowa added.


MISIC’s Top 20 Tools for Making the Shifts Happen


C’s of Professional Development

CA ELD Standards Aligned to CCSS Grade K

CA ELD Standards Aligned to CCSS Grade 6

CA Math Adoption Criteria

CA Math Curriculum Framework

CA Math Framework Files

CA Unit Template

CA Writing Lesson Planning Template MS

California Annotated List of Parent Resources

California CTE Framework

California Overview of CCCSS 2 pager

California Overview of ELA CCCSS

California Overview of Math CCCSS

California Supts Parent Handbook CCSS

CCR Anchor Standards and 4 Cs

CCR Anchor Standards in ELA

CCR Anchor Standards Table Format

CCSS Addressing the Hot Topics

CCSS and Art Education Week Webinar Feb 19 2013

CCSS and ESL TESOL Report April 2013 on ESL Role in CCSS

CCSS and Instrumental Ideas from Howard CSD

CCSS and Music IMENC Jan 2013

CCSS and Vocal Music from Maryland Teacher

CCSS Application for English Language Learners

CCSS Applications to Students with Disabilities

CCSS Communicating the Pro from Bridgespan Group Building-the-Missing-Link

CCSS Delivery Framework

CCSS ELA 6-8 Science Guidance from Illinois Using PARCC Unit

CCSS ELA 6-8 SS History Guidance from Illinois Using PARCC Unit

CCSS ELA 9-10 Science Guidance from Illinois Using PARCC Unit

CCSS ELA 9-10 SS History Guidance from Illinois Using PARCC Unit

CCSS ELA 11-12 Science Guidance from Illinois Using PARCC Unit

CCSS ELA 11-12 SS History Guidance from Illinois Using PARCC Unit

CCSS ELA Aligned to National FCS Standards

CCSS ELA Appendix A: Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards and Glossary of Terms

CCSS ELA Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

CCSS ELA Appendix C: Samples of Student Writing

CCSS ELA Core – Implementation Guides

CCSS ELA Evidence in Art Using Critical Response Protocol

CCSS ELA Literacy Standards Cheat Sheet

CCSS ELA K Unit on Families Using Text Set

CCSS ELA LDC Elementary Writing Tasks

CCSS ELA Literacy Standards

CCSS ELA Publishers Criteria Addendum for History-SocialStudies-Science-Technical-Subjects-Literacy-Curricula-Gr 6-12

CCSS ELA – Teachers’ Guides to PARCC Model Content Framework (ISBE)

CCSS Essential Elements for Spec Ed

CCSS Evidence Walks Analysis Template

CCSS for ELL Policy Brief by TESOL March 2013

CCSS iPad Apps

CCSS Kansas Communication Plan

CCSS: Key Shifts in English Language Arts

CCSS Math CBI Math Instruction – A Guide for Teachers

CCSS Math Close Reading on Teaching Concepts

CCSS Math Core – Implementation Guides

CCSS Math Critical Focus Grades 3 to 5

CCSS Math Critical Focus Grades 6 to 8

CCSS Math Critical Focus Primary Grades

CCSS Math Evaluating Instructional Materials KU

CCSS Math Evaluating Instructional Materials Quick Review KU

CCSS Math Evaluating PD Models Quick Guide KU

CCSS Math Formative Assessment Ideas

CCSS Math IES Problem Solving in Grades 4 to 8

CCSS Math K 5 Practices Elaboration Draft

CCSS Math K to 12 Emphasis

CCSS Math Key Prerequisties of K-12 Math for Most College Majors and Careers

CCSS Math Language Changes NC Math Professor PDK article

CCSS Math Math Practices Proficiency Matrix

CCSS Math PD Model Evaluation Tool KU

CCSS Math Practices and Instructional Strategies Alignment 1

CCSS Math Practices and Instructional Strategies Alignment 2

CCSS Math Practices Look Fors

CCSS Math Practices Park City Summer 2011 Institute Hancock Handout

CCSS Math Practices Student Vital Action Cards SFPS

CCSS Math Practices Walk Through Cards from UC Berkley

CCSS Math Rubric for Identifying Resources and Materials

CCSS Math Standards

CCSS Math Teaching Mathematics Conceptually SEDL

CCSS Math Why Practices for LIC I

CCSS Mathematics Appendix A

CCSS Mathematics: K-12 Standards for Mathematical Practice – CA Dept of Ed

CCSS Needs Assessment with Attributes

CCSS Needs Assessment without Resources

CCSS Rough Crosswalk Between CC and Music by NY Music Org

CCSS Support and Against Analysis

CCSS – To Win at This Core Thing!

CCSS Walkthrough Feedback Form

CCSS Webb’s Depth of Thinking Chart with Resources

CCSS Word Sort Activity

CCSS-CTE-Bridging the Divide



CCTC Career Cluster Student Survey

Chain Reaction


Chicago Public Schools Mathematics Content Framework

Chicago Public Sch Literacy Content Framework

Closing in on Close Reading

Cognitive Rigor Matrix Math Sci

Common Core 101 Alliance for Education

Common Core & Ed Tech

Common Core: The Holiday Edition – LiveBinder

Common Core Myth vs Fact

Common Core Myths Hunt Institute

Common Core myths-and-facts NEA

Common Ground


Connections Points and Questions

Consider the Audience Tool

Construct Relevant Vocabulary – Highlighted

Creating a Cohesive Text Set

Creating Text Sets to Help Students Achieve the CCSS

Curriculum Alignment – PD Maximizing Impact

Curriculum Checklist Transition to CCSS ELA Delaware

Dan Meyer’s Blog

Dan Meyer: TED Talk – Math Class Needs a Makeover

Dana Center Resources

Delaware Guide to the ELA Shifts

Delaware Guide to the Math Shifts

Delaware Literacy Concept Organizers

Delaware Writing Rubrics

Designing PD: Participant Input

Determining the Best Solution

Developing a Writing Plan


Discussion Questions for K8 Publishers Criteria CCSSM

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – Arts

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – Career Tech

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – ELA

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – Foreign Language

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – Math

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – PE

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – Science

Do You Want This to be Said of Your Child? – Social Studies

Douglas Fisher: Close Reading and the CCSS, Part 1

Edmodo 20 Ways to Use


Education Northwest CCSS Parent Info


ELA Construct Relevant Vocabulary – Highlighted

ELA / Literacy Gap Analysis Template

ELA Learning Progressions – TCOE

ELA/Literacy – Understanding the Instructional Shifts – Key Documents

ELA/Literacy K-2 – Understanding the Instructional Shifts – Key Documents

ELA Shifts Presentation

ELA Text List PreK-12 NY

ELA/Literacy Grade-Level Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool

ELD Standards Revision

ELD Standards-Based Instructional Practices CA

Engage NY – Common Core Toolkit

EQuIP Rubric by Achieve

Erikson – Early Math Collaborative


Evidence Guides for ELA & Math

Evidence Organizer Tool

GAI MISIC GEOG 3 Bibliography from UNI Youth Librarian

Gardner Text Set 1 and Overview Plan

Georgia ELA Curriculum Maps & Planning Templates

Georgia Math Frameworks


Grades 6-12 – Model Units

Green Flags & Red Flags for Implementation

Guidelines for ELA ELL Instructional Materials Development

Gulfport ELA Pacing Guides

Gym Class and Literacy

I Can Statements ELA

ICC Shifts Math 1 to 6

Identifying Key Elements for Instructional Planning

Illinois ELA Annotated websites

Illinois EQuIP Rubric User Guides

The Illustrative Mathematics Project

Illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Implementation Components Template

Implementing the CCSS Roles and Responsibilities

Implementing the CCSS – Elementary School Leaders

Implementing the CCSS – Secondary Leaders

In Common Writing Project

Informational Text Structures Template FL

Inside Mathematics

Instructional Guide for Academic Vocabulary

Instructional Practice Guides from Achieve

Iowa Core ELA/Literacy

Iowa Core – Math

Iowa Core Parent Guides

Iowa Core – Science


Iowa PreK-5 Standards for All Subjects

Iowa Secondary Standards for All Subjects

ISBE Resources

Math – Top Resources for Math

Made for Each Other: Exploring Topics through Fiction and Non-Fiction in Grades 6-12

Making the Shifts

Math Focus by Grade Level


Math – Instructional Materials Analysis from

Math K-8 – Understanding the Instructional Shifts – Key Documents

Math High School – Understanding the Instructional Shifts – Key Documents

Math – Observations on CCSSM Standards for Mathematical Content: What Content Is Visibly Emphasized?

Mathematics Progressions Video from The Hunt Institute

Math Progressions from the Institute for Mathematics and Education

Math Shifts and Major Work of Grade

Math Text Set Sources

Math Unit Planner EQuIP Rubric 11×17 with Literacy, EQ, 21st Century and UDL

Math Unit Planner with HYPERLINKS and Dimensions Color Coded EQuIP Rubric 11×17

Math Unit Planner Learning Target Help Document

Math Unit Planner Instructional Strategies Help Document

Math Unit Planner Assessment Help Document

Math – Widely Applicable Prerequisites High School

Math with LDC Templates

Mathematics Assessment Project

Mathematical Practices Graphic

Mathematical Thinking Posters

Mathematics Grade-Level Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool

Methods for Implementing Effective PD

MISIC Art Standards Update – Spring 2016

MISIC Music Standards Update – Spring 2016

MISIC PE Standards Update – Spring 2016

MISIC “RUC3 Ready?” Resources

Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards Scaffolding Documents


Missouri Dept of Ed – ELA K-2 Breakout

Moving Forward with CCSS Implementation Summary

MTSS Graphic

National Core Arts Standards and CCSS Alignment As Seen by College Board

National Geographic Explorer

National Science Digital Library

NC Grade 5 Fractions Unit

NC Math Standards Unpacked Grade 1

NC Math Standards Unpacked Grade 5

New Olympic Sport Research Project

NGSS – Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS – A New Vision for Science Education

NGSS – PEEC (Primary Evaluation of Essential Criteria) for NGSS Instructional Materials Design

NGSS – Placemat Activity

NGSS – District Implementation Indicators

NGSS – Lessons Learned from the Early Implementer Districts: Professional Learning

NGSS – Lessons Learned from the Early Implementer Districts: Instructional Materials

NGSS Parent Guides

NGSS – Accelerated Pathways

NGSS – Appendices

NGSS – Classroom Sample Tasks

NGSS – Connections to Literacy

NGSS – Evidence Statements

NGSS – Grounding Practice in Research from NAP

NGSS – Matrices

NGSS – Adoption and Implementation Handbook

NGSS and Parents

NGSS Alignment Claims – March 2018

NGSS – Attitudes Toward Science Education April 2013

NGSS – Background Information – Why K-12 Science Standards Matter

NGSS – Business Community Fact Sheet

NGSS – Commonly Used Abbreviations

NGSS – Commonalities Among the Practices

NGSS – Developing Assessments for the NGSS

NGSS – Dimensions – Science Posters

NGSS – Education Week Webinar June 13 2013

NGSS – Engaging Students in the Scientific Practices of Explanation and Argumentation

NGSS – EQuIP Professional Learning Facilitator’s Guide

NGSS – Executive Summary April 9 2013

NGSS – Exploring the New Standards: How to Form a Study Group to Examine the NGSS

NGSS – Exploring the Science Framework: making connections in math with the CCSS

NGSS – Exploring the Science Framework: Engaging learners in scientific practices related to obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

NGSS – Find Your Path Through the NGSS

NGSS – Framework for K-12 Science Education

NGSS – Front Matter Evidence Statements Jan 2015

NGSS – Guide to Implementing the NGSS

NGSS – How to Read NGSS April 9 2013

NGSS – How Will Science Change

NGSS – Hunt Video Series on Changing Science Education

NGSS – Inside the NGSS Box

NGSS – Language Demands of ELL in the NGSS

NGSS – Literacy for Science

NGSS – Mastery Connect Phone App for iPhone

NGSS – Matrix By Disciplinary Core Idea by NSTA April 2013

NGSS – Matrix By Topic by NSTA April 2013

NGSS – Michigan DE April 9 2013

NGSS – Misconceptions about Science

NGSS – MISIC Science Update – Fall 2015

NGSS Now Newsletters


NGSS – NSTA Classroom Resources

NGSS – Parents Q and A

NGSS – Parent Fact Sheet

NGSS – Parent Fact Sheet in Spanish

NGSS – PEEC-Alignment May 2015

NGSS – Performance Expectation Finder

NGSS – Planning NGSS Curriculum – YouTube Video

NGSS – Sample Unit for MS Life Science from CSSS

NGSS – Scientific and Engineering Practices in K-12 Classrooms: Understanding A Framework for K-12 Science Education

NGSS – Selecting and Designing Materials that Align to the NGSS

NGSS – Stephen Pruitt video

NGSS – Strengthening Science Speaking and Listening Skills

NGSS – Strengthening Science Writing Skills

NGSS – Three Dimensions of the Framework Summarized by NSTA

NGSS – UNCTV Video Science Series

NGSS – Understanding Science: Image Library

NGSS – Understanding Science: Flowchart Tools

NGSS – Unit of Instruction MS Life Sciences Discussion Questions

NGSS – Webinars on a Framework for K-12 Science Education

NGSS – What PD Strategies Are Needed for Successful Implementation of the NGSS

NGSS – Why K12 Standards Matter April 2013

North Carolina Resources

Notetaking Form

NSDL Science Literacy Maps

NYC Sample Math Tasks By Grade Level, K-8


PARCC Resources

Parent Workshop Resources

Plan Cause Effect Paper

Planning a Presentation Tool

Planning Template

Planning Template Literacy and Gap Analysis

PLC’s – The ABC’s of Professional Learning Communities

PreK-5 Year Long Curriculum Map

Prepare to Compare

Preparing for Debate

Primary Grant GEOG 4 Disciplinary Literacy PPT

Primary Writing Rubric CHART w CCSS

Processing the ELA Shifts

Processing the Math Shifts

Progression Charts ELA

Promoting Small-Group Discussions

Protocol for Measuring Text Complexity – Sample (Discovering Mars)

Protocol for Measuring Text Complexity

PTA Parent Guides to the Common Core

Publishers’ Criteria Resources

Put It Together

Sample Text Set Natl Writing Project on Child Labor

Sample Unit ELA with ELL implications

Sample Unit HSS g8-10 Constitutional Rights

Sample Unit SCI g9-12 Energy

Sampling of Formative Assessment Ideas

SBAC – Claims, Targets, and Standard Alignment for ELA – Updated December 2016

 SBAC – Claims, Targets, and Standard Alignment for Math – Updated December 2016

SBAC – Construct Relevant Vocabulary for English Language Arts and Literacy

SBAC ELA Rubrics

SBAC – Mathematics Interim Assessment Blocks – 2016-17 Blueprint

SBAC – English Language Arts/Literacy Interim Assessment Blocks – Fixed Form Blueprint

SBAC – ELA Standards – Which Standards Does the SBAC Measure?

SBAC – Math Standards – Which Standards Does the SBAC Measure?

SBAC – Hardware Purchasing Guidelines

SBAC Sample Items (PPT)

SBAC Sample Items and Performance Tasks

SCBOCES FINAL ELA Unit Template May 18 2012

Scholastic Book Wizard

Science Text Set

Second Grade – “I Can” Posters

Self Questioning Math Texts

Shared Report Writing Tool

Sheldon SMP math_practice_recording_sheet

Sheldon SMP math_practice_recording_sheet_answers

Shifts for Students and Parents EngageNY

Signal Words

Six Traits Color Coded to CCSS

Six Traits Scored and Annotated Papers

Sixth Grade – “I Can” Checklists

Smithsonian Source

SMP – Standards for Mathematical Practices

Social Studies – New Iowa Standards – Final Draft 2017

Social Studies – Review Team Final Report – 2017

Social Studies Text Set Sources

Social Studies C3 Framework – Updated 2017

Social Studies – C3 Framework Overview – Dr Kathy Swan

Spec Ed and CCSS Standards Aligned

Special Education – Common Core Resources from CA Dept of Ed

Sports Literature Course 11-12

SS sample task informational text

St Johns County FL Designing Units of Instruction for CCSS

Standards Based Report Cards – Milpitas Unified School District

STEM Teaching Tools

STEM – Link Engineering

Structure is the Standards Handout

Sullivan County BOCES – CCSS Math 

Summary of Shifts MATH from SAP

Take a Stand

Taking Essential Question to the Compelling Question Level Guidance Handout

Teaching Channel – Videos on the Implementation of the CCSS

Teaching Mathematics through Multicultural Literature

Teaching Mathematics through Multicultural Literature appendix

Teaching the Core

Technology Embedded in CCSS

Template and Teaching Tasks for Mathematics Designed by the Charles A. Dana Center

Template Task Collection 1.0

Text Based Answers – Video

Textbook Navigator/Journal from Michigan State University

Text Complexity Resources

Text Dependent Questions Resources

Text Genres Chart K-5

Text Genres Chart 6-12

Text Sets MS Argumentative Writing Sets Columbia U

Text Structure Resources

Text Selection Guidelines-CCSS ELA Grades 3-8

The Language Gym

The Learning Network

Thinking in Words and Images

Third Grade – “I Can” Checklists

TLC Graphic – The What & the How of Coaching

TLI Related Readings Guide THE GREAT FIRE 2012

TLI Sample Unit THE GREAT FIRE 2012

TOOLKIT for Evaluating Alignment of Instructional and Assessment Materials to the Common Core State Standards – UPDATED March 2014

Toolkit for Evaluating Instructional Materials and Alignment: An Overview

Tri-State Quality Review Rubric – Math

Tulare County Math Bookmarks

TumbleBook Library