The MISIC team has developed and posted a new micro-credential bundle that includes four micro-credentials on Engaging Curriculum in a Caring Environment. You can access this bundle along with all of the other MISIC micro-credentials on the Micro-Credential page of the MISIC Website. These new micro-credentials are posted on the Student Engagement tab. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Descriptions of the Micro-Credentials Included in This Bundle

Thinking About Our Generation Z Learners—Who are They?

You will learn about the shifts that our current generation of learners (Born between 2001 and 2018) are experiencing,as well as ways to refine your teaching to meet their needs. Just a couple examples for you . . . While Generation Y grew up during a strong economy, Generation Z is growing up in a time of recession, terrorism, violence, volatility, and complexity. While Generation Y subscribed to everything social, Generation Z doesn’t want to be tracked, preferring Snapchat, Secret, or Whisper to communicate.

Creating a Respectful, Positive, Safe, Effective, and Student-Centered Environment
According to Harry Wong, effective teachers demonstrate a deep understanding of the curriculum. They plan, teach, and assess to promote mastery for all students. Effective teachers provide a respectful, positive, safe, and student-centered environment. In this micro-credential, you will revisit the process of creating the student-centered environment.

Engagement of Students: What Makes Learning Stick?
We want our students to take in, store, retrieve, and use the information that we are teaching and/or facilitating. What are some ways we can do this? Through this micro-credential, you will learn about the six learning principles that trump other types of principles that Sharon Bowman shares in her book and other resources. (When one learning strategy trumps another, it means that it is a better, more powerful way to learn than the other.)

Instructional Strategies That Will Engage Your Learners
As Dr. Spencer Kagan states, “We have a choice. We can teach in ways that align with how brains naturally learn. If we do, our students learn more, learn more quickly, retain and recall more, and enjoy learning more. Many traditional teaching methods do not align well with how our brains learn. Without changing what we teach, we can change how we teach in ways that make teaching and learning dramatically more efficient.” Through this micro-credential, you will learn/relearn many strategies to engage learners.

New MISIC Micro-Credential Bundle: Engaging Curriculum in a Caring Environment

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