As districts work diligently to develop their re-opening or “return to learn” plans, we thought you might benefit from the re-opening plan of Jeffco schools in Colorado. Jason Glass, former Iowa Director of Education, is the superintendent at Jeffco. You can also view a wide variety of national, state and local resources on planning for restarting schools in MISIC’s Livebinder on Remote Teaching and Learning. A special section of that Livebinder is devoted to the topic. You will also find a plethora of resources on a wide variety of topics on the site that may benefit your planning.

As you plan ahead for a new normal for professional development, consider how you might use micro-credentials to bridge the knowing-doing skills gap and to provide personalized learning opportunities for your teachers and administrators. With over 72 micro-credentials currently available and two new stacks/bundles on remote learning and on SEL, MISIC can help provide learning opportunities that will help educators be prepared for a new normal in the fall. Contact us for more information or visit the MISIC website.

Return-to-Learn Resources

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