Love to Read? Love To Collaborate With Others?  

Start A Book Study Group and Earn

Licensure Renewal Credit

Licensure Renewal Credit Available for All Educators in Iowa–

Teachers, Para-educators, and Administrators

Books enrich our lives in many ways. They can help us unwind and recharge, provide strength and encouragement during difficult times, and provoke feelings of empathy or delight.  As educators, we know the value of a good book. And as a community of like-minded readers who are bound by our work at school and have a common purpose of improving ourselves to better support our students, we can join together in a book study to enhance our professional work.

MISIC has designed a book study format that offers a blended approach to reading a book related to school. You will do some individual reading and reflection, some partner conversations, and some zoom sessions with your book study group. This book study group process opens up opportunities for teachers and support staff to collaborate around topics of high-interest and high-impact. In the end, it is all about the shared goal of improving teaching and learning for students.

In these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know how critical it is to support our students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health. And certainly, it takes the whole team at school to fully respond to our boys and girls who are experiencing anxiety, fear of the unknown future, disruption to their routines, and loss of friendships and connections. MISIC has various titles that are perfect for your whole team to study in our blended book study format. These books will encourage you, build your courage, increase your empathy, and provide specific strategies for supporting students both remotely and when they, once again, enter our school doors. 

Contact Jamie Morgan at to learn more about studying any of the books below:  

  • Culturize by Jimmy Casas
  • Fostering Resilient Learners by Kristin Van Marter Souers and Pete Hall
  • Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation: Trauma-Invested Practices for Fostering Resilient Learners by Kristin Van Marter Souers and Pete Hall
  • Lost At School by Ross W. Greene
  • Help for Billy: A Beyond Consequences Approaching to Helping Challenging Children in the Classroom by Heather T. Forbes

If your team would like to have a book study on another book, just let us know–we can help you make it happen for your staff! 

Book Studies for License Renewal Credit

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