We are excited to share that MISIC has now been designated as an approved provider of Licensure Renewal Credit!  If your district is seeking LRC for a district-driven / district-created professional development, we are happy to work with you to make that happen!


If you have a district course that you would like to submit for LRC, you can download this form and submit it to Jamie (jamie@misiciowa.org) OR complete the form online here.


There will also be multiple opportunities for teachers and administrators to receive LRC’s through attendance at MISIC meetings, conferences and workshops.  See the attached flyer for a list of MISIC-sponsored events. Click here to view the course options and register for credit.


In addition, MISIC has over 40 micro-credentials that can be bundled for LRC’s. The catalog of those available by September 1 is also attached.


We continue to work on many more micro-credentials and will work with members to create MC’s on specific topics as needed.



Jamie at jamie@misiciowa.org or

Ann at annbartelt0204@gmail.com or

Sue at suebeers@netins.net.


Have a great year!

Licensure Renewal Credit Now Available through MISIC​

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