Many districts are finding themselves with extra PD days at the end of the year to fill teacher contract days. MISIC is here to help! Some ideas that might help fill those days in meaningful ways:

  • Have staff work individually, in small groups or PLC’s or as a whole staff learning and practicing key skills in one or more of MISIC’s Micro-Credentials. Micro-credentials are personalized, self-directed, performance-based learning experiences that can focus on specific skills teachers want to learn or hone. MISIC currently has 40 Micro-Credentials ready for use and can custom-build them to meet district needs.
  • Motivate teachers with the opportunity to earn Licensure Renewal Credits (LRCs) through your district-developed professional development.  MISIC, an approved LRC provider, can help you craft these courses and can provide teachers with the LRC’s.
  • Have teachers dig into and garner ideas from MISIC’s vast array of vetted, quality resources.
  • Have teachers develop units of instruction using MISIC’s Unit Planner Template.
  • Coordinate a one- or two-day multi-district workshop to be presented by MISIC staff.  Potential topics include:
    • Aligning Instruction to the ISASP
    • Literacy in the Content Areas
    • Increasing Student Engagement in the Content Areas
    • Inquiry as the Basis of Instruction
    • Writing Across the Curriculum
    • Scaffolding Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Students
    • Using Text Effectively in All Classrooms
    • Other Topics that Align with Your District Goals

Let us know how MISIC can help make those valuable end-of-the-year days a great learning experience for your teachers! Contact Jamie for more information about any of these options.

Extra Workdays at the End of the Year? How Can MISIC Help?

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