Curriculum Manager Update – New Science Standards

The new Science standards that were adopted by the state last fall are now loaded into Curriculum Manager for your teachers to use and align to their units of instruction! 
You will find the Standards in the MISIC Benchmark area with all of the other subjects. They are labeled as ICC Science in the drop down list of subjects. Much like the other core subjects, when a teacher selects a MISIC Benchmark the program will automatically pull in the linked standard in the Iowa Core field.
We have not removed the old Science standards. We want to allow plenty of time for teachers to transition to the new standards. As you probably know, these new standards are very different and will take some time for teachers to dig in and become familiar with them.
If you missed the Regional Meetings, we shared some great resources about the new Science standards. You can check them out on the Meetings page of the website under the Handouts from the Spring 2016 Regional Meetings. If you have not yet registered for the new website, you will need to register to view the Meetings page. We will continue to provide resources and information to help teachers transition to the new standards. 
Please let us know if you have any questions!
Curriculum Manager Update – New Science Standards

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